Joe Straub | Struggle Shooters

 Dear Friends

As many of you may know, I have been involved with Rodeo/Austin for many years.  I started in 1981, when I was very involved with building the Expo Center.   That same year I also started the very first Calf Scramble event and now I am on the Executive Board of the Rodeo.   Rodeo Austin is a 501(c)(3) organization, contributing millions annually to the youth of Texas.   In fact,  Rodeo Austin has donated over $2 million dollars per year for the last several years.   This money is raised through different events such as the acclaimed Livestock Show, the Fair and Rodeo and other events including the Shoot Out Sporting Clay Tournament.   We do this to support our mission:  Promoting Youth Education - Preserving Western Heritage.

Rodeo Austin partners with Texas colleges and universities, as well as 4-H and FFA Foundations, to provide scholarships for deserving Texas students. As one of central Texas’ largest non-profit scholarship providers, Rodeo Austin currently sponsors more than 100 students actively pursuing their education with a Rodeo Austin Scholarship.

I have agreed to be on a team of the Shoot Out  Sporting Clay event, which is why I'm contacting you.   Our team name is Struggle Shooters.   You may wonder how we got our name.  Well, Shaun Tuggle, our Team Captain and I decided to buy some cattle and needed a name to start our new cattle company.   After days of trying to figure it out, Shaun's wife, Cathie,  said you should combine your two last names and since neither of you know how to raise cattle, it should be called the Struggle Cattle company, so we used it for our Shooting name also.   Weird I know.   So this is how it works.  I will be shooting at 50 targets.  One of the ways you can donate is to pledge money for each target I hit.   For example, say you pledge $2 per target and I hit all 50 targets, (fat chance), then you would pay $100.   Or you could just pledge a one time donation of $100 no matter how many targets I hit.   This would take all the pressure and embarrassment off of me.   SWEET!  Again, any amount is greatly appreciated from $10 bucks to $10,000.   

It is easy to do.  Just go to the Rodeo/Austin website and scroll down to the Shoot Out event.   Then go to Struggle Team, then to Joe Straub.   My personnel goal is $5,000  and our team goal is $25,000.   Make sure you get the right name as we have a bit of a contest going to see who can raise the most money.  

Please help me raise funds for the Youth of Texas.   Or better yet, get involved with us.   Ask me how.

Thanks again

Joe, Kim

Jake, Jessica and Justin

Funds raised: $15,675 of $5,000


Thank you donors
Laura Minor : $50
Joe Straub : $250
Roger Harden : $500
Thomas Woods : $100
Turk McMurry : $100
Joe Straub : $2,000
Joe Straub : $2,500
Mary Bott : $250
michael mcbride : $2,500
Michael Ehrhardt : $3,000
Good Luck Joe!
Brent Jones : $250
Trendmaker Homes : $1,000
Sandra Walker : $100
Anonymous : $50
Richard Prince : $500
Kevin Chapman : $500
Dale Graham : $100
Shannon Dorsey : $1,000
Shoot straight!!
Clayton Pulley : $100
Sue Littlefield : $250
Steve Fuquay : $250
Anonymous : $125
Richard Hamala